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Why You Should Consider Having New Window Installation this Year

When you feel a draft or want to boost your home’s market value, it might be time to think about window replacements for your house. In fact, many homeowners could benefit from replacing several windows… but it can be tough to tell if new window installation is really necessary.

Today, let’s break down some key reasons why you might consider getting new windows installed this year with the help of skilled contractors like HX Home Solutions.

New Window Installation this Year: Go Green

For starters, getting new windows installed could be more eco-friendly than you imagine. These days, there are lots of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient window designs you can take advantage of. These trap heat in the house in winter or prevent sunlight from warming your home too much in the summer, effectively maximizing your HVAC system’s performance.

Saving energy and doing your part for the environment is important, and there’s no easier way to do so than by installing energy-efficient windows that will keep you comfortable in your home for many years to come.

Save Money on Utilities

Furthermore, reducing the energy you need to keep your home warmed or cooled depending on the season means you also save money on utility bills. Utility bills can easily skyrocket in the peak of summer or in the depths of winter. But the right new window installation can seal up your home and keep hot or cool air where it belongs depending on the season.

Boosted Curb Appeal

Of course, new windows can significantly boost the curb appeal or market value of your house. If you are planning to move soon and want to make sure your property demands a high asking price, you might consider replacing the old windows with new ones.

Even a few newly installed windows can do wonders for making your home look and feel newer and more modern than it may actually be. In many cases, the cost of installing new windows could be completely overshadowed by the extra profits you make when someone hands you an offer for more money than you would have received otherwise!

New Window Installation this Year: Silence is Golden

No one likes to hear the constant drone of traffic and emergency sirens outside. For homeowners whose houses are close to the city, installing new windows could be beneficial for the reduced noise they may offer.

New windows are properly sealed, so they may let in less ambient noise from outside when they are closed. You can also pursue dual-pane or laminated glass windows to replace single-pane windows, which also reduce how much noise gets into your home from outdoors.

Easier to Clean

Of course, newly installed windows are usually much easier to clean. Say goodbye to constant window streaks that never fade or ingrained bits of dust or scratches that ruin the aesthetic of your portal to the outdoors. New windows are quick and easy to clean and look great after a single wipe!

Safer in More Ways than One

Some old windows can jam or feel sticky when you open or close them. This can be a safety hazard if, for example, you or your family members need to escape from a fire. So installing new windows could make your house safer than before.

New Window Installation this Year: Low Maintenance

Lastly, new windows are also usually low maintenance. You won’t need to constantly repaint them every season or wipe them down every day when humidity collects on the glass panes.

Ultimately, there are tons of reasons why you might consider installing new windows ASAP. Fortunately, Chicago homeowners can contact HX Home Solutions: the window installation experts you need for your upcoming renovation. Contact us today for new window installation assistance!

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