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Clay tile roofing offers you a stylish alternative to shingles traditionally found in the Chicago area. With a natural look, clay tiles are the perfect option if you prefer the Italian architecture style. Although clay tiles are not a traditional roofing material in the region, it can work well with the right styles along with eco-friendly homes.

Our team provides clay tile roofing services for private estates and historic homes. We have a proven track record of roofing in the Chicago area and a reputation for excellent customer service, skill, and quality results.

Why Clay Roofing May be the Right Solution for You​

Are you thinking about replacing your existing roof with clay shingles, or are you building a new home and want to find something besides conventional asphalt shingles? No matter the reason, there are several benefits offered when you choose clay roofing.

High Levels of Durability

Clay tiles are naturally corrosion-resistant, and they will not experience rot like wood. By investing in high-quality clay roofing material, you can expect years of reliable performance. In fact, when you ensure proper maintenance for your clay tile roof, it can last 40-50 years – or more.

Insulation Capabilities

Clay roofing provides superior insulator benefits because it allows air to circulate beneath the tiles and do not absorb as much heat as traditional asphalt shingles. This helps keep your home warm in the winter and cool during the summer. This means you can enjoy much more stable indoor temperatures without having to turn on your air conditioner or furnace. Our team can help you choose the product that will help you save a substantial amount of money on your monthly utility costs.

Aesthetic Appeal

Even if you choose a basic clay tile, this product offers a unique look that cannot be mistaken for anything else. When you have our team install or restore your clay roof, you will see other aesthetic qualities, too, such as using different colors or circular patterns.

Terra cotta shingles, clay shingles, and clay tiles are resistant to fading, which means your home will maintain the beautiful look and aesthetic appeal many years in the future. If you want to differentiate your home from the neighbors and really show off your individual style and preferences, clay is an option worth considering.

Maintenance Considerations

When you choose clay, you have a roof that is easy to maintain and requires minimal ongoing service and solutions. The tiles are not susceptible to things such as moss growth or rot, which minimizes the need for ongoing maintenance. Typically, maintenance for clay roofs does not require more than just removing the debris from the slots or replacing missing or broken tiles. Also, if a section of the roof is damaged, it is fast and easy to fix. Our team can handle ongoing maintenance for you to ensure your roof remains looking great, year after year.

Applications for Clay Roofing

There are several possible applications for clay roofing. It offers a highly distinctive level of curb appeal. You can feel confident that your property will stand out from others nearby when our team is done.

While you most commonly see clay roofing in Southeast and Southwest parts of the country, it is also a great option for temperate climates. In fact, thanks to its superior insulating properties, clay roofing can have a huge impact on your monthly heating costs when the colder weather finally rolls in.

Call Us to Learn More About Clay Roofing​

Our team is more than happy to discuss our clay roofing services and evaluate your home and property to determine if this is a good option. We will help you get the quality results you want and need. Thanks to our professional team and attention to detail, you can feel confident that you will have the beautiful, eye-catching clay roof you want and deserve when the installation is complete.

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