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When you partner with us, you are working with a team that has been around since 1950 and worked with all types of roofing materials in varying scenarios with specific job requirements and goals. One shingle type that has gained some market share over the years is composite roofing, which is the term used to describe roofs made of a combination of materials that include recycled plastic, wastepaper, fiber cement, and asphalt.

Reasons for a Composite Roof Installation

If you are interested in a composite roof, you may want to know a bit more about it; after all – there are a lot of options available. Our team has years of experience working with this material (along with many others), which means we are ready and able to answer any questions you may have before the installation.

Composite has become popular for several reasons. For example, it is aesthetically pleasing and can mimic the look of slate or shake roofing without the typical challenges of these products. Also, composite looks like traditional shake roofs, offering the beauty of these, but being much stronger than wood that is commonly used. And unlike other materials, a composite roof should not warp, peel, or blister. Additional reasons that composite roofs offer superior performance include:

  • Less maintenance than other roofing materials
  • Lightweight material that does not require reinforcement unlike clay and slate
  • Ability to withstand a broader range of weather conditions, including prolonged exposure, high heat, and sub-zero temperatures.

Properly installed composite roofs can last for 50 years or more. You can also find materials in several styles, textures, and colors, which makes composite the perfect material for creating the look you desire. Thanks to the versatility of composite roofing, you should have no issue matching the architectural style of your home or finding an option that complements your personal style.

Benefits of Composite Roofing

With so many roofing options available, you may wonder if composite is really the best material. Some of the top benefits offered by installing a composite roof include:

  • Durability: When it comes to your roof, we can’t think of a more important quality. One of the most significant benefits offered by composite roofing is that when it is installed properly, it should last. It has a class A fire rating and I warrantied for winds of up to 110 mph after the first five years of installation.
  • Fade Resistant: If the color of your roof is essential, composite is a smart option. Fading is common with natural materials, such as wood, but this is not the case with composite roofing.
  • Eco-Friendly: Since these shingles are 100% recyclable, it is considered an eco-friendly option.

With these benefits, it should be clear why composite is such a popular material for modern roofs. It is also a material we offer to all our customers.

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Composite roofing offers several benefits, as explained above. Our team is here to help with the evaluation and installation process and ensure you are fully satisfied with the results achieved. If you have been thinking about investing in a new roof, call our team today. We will provide the quality and professional services you want and need for your home.

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