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A Unique and Stylish Option for Your Home

Cedar shake roofs offer a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing look compared to traditional asphalt shingles. These unique and tough roofs have a style that helps set them apart from the competition. When you combine these factors with a professional installation from our team, you can feel confident that your roof will last for years to come with no risk and no problems.

Cedar Roof Repair or Replacement

Even though cedar roofs last for a long time, they won’t last forever. If you have a cedar shake roof, it is essential that you know some of the common signs your roof needs replacement. Knowing these signs will help you avoid having a bad roof, leading to other, more serious problems. Some of the top signs it may be time to consider cedar roof replacement include:

  • Leaks
  • Curling or cupping
  • Split shingles
  • Rot, moss, or algae
  • Missing or damaged shingles

If you have an existing cedar roof and notice these issues, call our team right away. If you allow the issue to persist, it will only worsen and lead to more damage and the need for even more repairs. Our team of professional roofers can provide a thorough evaluation to determine if your existing cedar roof can be repaired or if complete replacement is needed. Regardless of what is needed, we can handle the job.

Hire the Pros for Cedar Roofing Solutions

When you hire our team for cedar roof repair or replacement, there are a few things you can count on. For example:

  • Our team is made up of professional and experienced team members who handle your job from beginning to end
  • Our team is licensed, bonded, and insured
  • We take care of all the details to ensure a seamless and perfect job every time


The One and Only Choice for Your Cedar Roofing Installation

If you want a roofing option that is naturally beautiful, you can’t go wrong with cedar. Cedar offers durable protection and superior elegance.

Our team has years of experience installing cedar roofing, which is a process that takes specific knowledge and skills. From selecting the right materials to laying out and attaching the shakes or shingles, we are the professionals. Our experience has put us at the top of the list of service providers offering cedar roofing in the Chicago area.

Contact Us for More Information about Cedar Roofs

If you are interested in the installation of a cedar roof, contact us. Our team will handle the process from start to finish and work to ensure you get the quality results you want and need.

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