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The Importance of Gutters & Gutter Guards in Chicagoland

Gutters and gutters guards in Chicagoland are an important part of a building’s exterior and a necessary addition to the its construction. With the amount of rain that you have in your particular area—like in Illinois which has some pretty strong, heavy rains that come in pretty quickly—gutters and gutter guards in Chicagoland should be considered a vital part of your home or business.

They act as a channel for rainwater runoff that would otherwise accumulate against the building, possibly making its way back into the building and causing structural damage over time.

What Gutters Do for You

In the end, gutters do a lot of things. They catch and hold precipitation runoff, divert it from your foundation to prevent damage, protect your siding from water damage and keep rainwater out of your basement or underneath your building. That’s why most homes have them in place before they’re even finished being built! Gutters also provide an added aesthetic value to your home, helping it look its best no matter the season. Gutters and gutter guards in Chicagoland work together to help you achieve that beautiful landscaping you’ve always wanted with less lawn care hassle.

Whether they’re made aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, or another material, gutters are essential for protecting your home from water damage and keeping it looking its best. It’s vital to have well-functioning gutters around the foundation of your house because you wouldn’t want anything to happen to that beautiful exterior! While proper gutter maintenance isn’t really all that difficult, there are some easy steps you can follow to help ensure their continued performance throughout the years.

Why are Gutter Guards in Chicagoland Crucial For Your Home?

Gutter guards in Chicagoland are important for several reasons. First, they prevent gutters and downspouts from getting clogged up with debris. Without gutter guards, leaves, twigs, dirt and other debris can fall and potentially clog your downspouts – talk about a mess!

There is a second benefit to some gutter guards that is not as discussed. A well-made continuous gutter guard can provide reinforcement along the length of the gutter system. This will help further maintain that the system functions for a long time to come that the pitch stays as it should, etc.

They’re easy to install and very effective at doing their job. When you put gutter guards in place around your home, you can have peace of mind in knowing that your gutters are protected.

What are the Different Kinds of Gutter Guards?

You have several gutter guard options and understanding these options can make a big difference in what you end up choosing. The three main options people select are:

1. Mesh Guards
Mesh guards are a popular option for residents of Chicagoland who want to protect their gutters against any damage. A well made mesh gutter guard can be durable and shouldn’t break down even when exposed to harsh weather conditions. However, there are many bad options out there between quality of materials and construction, and they are not suitable for all debris in our climate (some debris gets stuck in the mesh). As such, it is not a solution we recommend.

2. Surface Tension Guards
Surface tension gutter guards are marketed as the premium gutter guard solution. As with most solutions, they work in many cases, but not all. Several environmental factors will affect performance e.g. slope of a roof, volume of water flowing, etc. One problem with these solutions is the companies that install the guards are the only ones allowed to service the guards without voiding a warranty. That can be problematic if you are doing other work at your home. Last but certainly not least, these gutter guards are very expensive, and can even be more expensive than new copper gutters! For all of these reasons, this is not a solution we recommend.

3. Perforated Aluminum Gutter Guards
By now you have probably picked up on the fact that there are many options available in the market. This list is nowhere near a comprehensive list of all of the options out there. At HX we prefer perforated aluminum gutter guards. These guards can be placed under the roof without disrupting the roof shingles (better than having to disrupt lower course of shingles up and possibly voiding your warranty). They’re made of sturdy material that won’t fade or break down over time and can (and should) be ridged so that air can get underneath and remove debris laying on the gutter guards.

Looking for Someone to Install Gutters and Gutter Guards in Chicagoland?

HX Home Solutions is here to help you with your gutters! Contact us today and let’s get started. We are a company that believes in providing high-quality workmanship, great customer service, and competitive pricing for all of our customers.

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