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Install James Hardie Siding to Prevent Woodpecker Damage

Home that installed James Hardie woodpecker damage resistant siding

Are you tired of patching up your old siding year after year due to drumming from woodpeckers and other birds? Damage from woodpeckers is a significant issue for many homeowners, leading to costly repairs and serious harm to your house.

To mitigate woodpecker damage and protect your home and siding from birds, pests, and weather, we highly recommend installing fiber cement siding.

Why Do Woodpeckers and Other Birds Peck at Siding?

  1. Food: Woodpeckers peck to find insects living in the siding, such as bees, ants, beetles, or termites. If they see or smell insects inside your siding, they will do their best to get in. 
  2. Nesting Shelter: In late spring, woodpeckers create nesting holes in the siding and may stay until their young are ready to leave.
  3. Drumming: The loud pecking sound attracts mates and establishes woodpecker territory, but it can be irritating and hard to stop for homeowners.
  4. Storage: Woodpeckers drill holes in the siding to store food like acorns.

The Risks of Birds Nesting in Your Home’s Siding

Birds nesting in your home can seem harmless or even charming at first, but it poses several risks that homeowners should be aware of. Understanding these risks can help you take the necessary steps to protect your property and ensure the safety and health of your household.

  • Structural Damage: Nesting birds can make your home vulnerable to the elements, increasing the likelihood of rot, mold, and humidity buildup.
  • Fire Hazard: Birds and other animals might chew on wires or place their nests in dangerous areas.
  • Hygiene Issues: The odor of animals, easy entry for pests, and bird droppings can lead to bacteria and fungus in your home. This is especially true when an animal gets stuck and dies.
  • Noise: Birds can be noisy, especially during the early morning hours. The constant chirping, drumming, and flapping can disrupt your sleep and daily activities.

How to Stop Woodpecker Damage to House Siding

Here are a few strategies to deter birds:

  • Smell Deterrent: Use eco-friendly scents like apple cider vinegar, peppermint, or essential oils on priority areas. You may need to apply multiple coats for an extended period of time before the woodpeckers give up.
  • Bird Spikes: Install bird spikes on your siding and paint them the same color to match. These make it uncomfortable for birds to land and hard to see.
  • Predators: Fake owls and plastic predators like snakes and cats can deter birds. Outdoor cats are a proven method to reduce bird invasion, however the responsibility of owning an animal and the ecological toll outdoor cats have on local wildlife make this option less appealing for the sake of removing a few pesky birds.
  • Reflective Tape and Spinners: Whether it’s because they don’t like their own reflection, think it’s another bird, or just don’t like a blinding flash of light, birds will typically stay away from these materials.
  • Ultrasonic Bird Repellers: These tools emit high-frequency sounds that deter birds, rodents, and bats.

How James Hardie Fiber Cement Prevents Woodpecker Damage

James Hardie fiber cement siding offers superior durability compared to wood and vinyl. It is resistant to woodpeckers, insects, and weather-related damage. Fiber cement does not provide a food source or nesting material for woodpeckers, making it a less attractive option for these birds. Additionally, its robust construction helps prevent cracking and breaking, ensuring long-term protection for your home.

  • Durability: Fiber cement is hard and dense, making it difficult for woodpeckers to penetrate.
  • Lack of Food Source: Fiber cement doesn’t harbor insects, so there is little incentive for woodpeckers to try and hunt in your siding.
  • Non-Resonant Surface: Fiber cement doesn’t produce the resonant sound that attracts woodpeckers, reducing the likelihood of them pecking for territory or mating reasons.

By choosing James Hardie fiber cement siding, homeowners can significantly reduce the risk of woodpecker damage while enjoying a durable and low-maintenance exterior.

What About Other Common Siding Materials?

With many alternative siding types on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is best. We believe James Hardie fiber cement siding is the clear winner, but here are our thoughts on other siding materials when it comes to woodpeckers:

Wood Siding: Wood siding, particularly cedar shake and cedar lap, is highly vulnerable to woodpecker damage. The birds are attracted to the wood for nesting and foraging, often creating unsightly holes that can lead to further issues. The holes made by woodpeckers can allow moisture to penetrate, causing wood rot, mold, and mildew. Additionally, these openings can become entry points for insects and other pests, compounding the damage.

Vinyl Siding: While vinyl siding is more resistant to woodpecker damage compared to wood, it is not entirely impervious. Vinyl can crack and break under certain conditions, such as severe weather, impact from debris, or age-related wear and tear. Once the vinyl is compromised, it can create entry points for insects and woodpeckers, allowing them to access the underlying structure. This can lead to further damage, including pest infestations and moisture intrusion.

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