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Chicago Window Replacement Process

Replacing windows may not be the most glamorous remodeling project or the first remodeling project a homeowner would typically think of. A window replacement mostly only happens when you want to give your home a major makeover or if something goes wrong. However, it can make a big difference not only in aesthetics and heating / cooling costs, but overall comfort.

Poor insulation, air / light / water infiltration and/or fogged glass are just some of the reasons why you would consider a window replacement in the first place. But before you jump right into the project, it’s important to understand what it is and what the process looks like first.

What is a Window Replacement?

Why is the window important anyway? The answer to this is simple: it lets the light into your home while still successfully separating you from the outdoors. It is a series of layers that allows you to enjoy a good view while still keeping your home and its inhabitants safe and comfortable.

Once any part of your existing window is deteriorated or damaged, you’ll likely know about it from the draft or noticeable marks on your window. This is when a window replacement may be called for.

The Chicago Window Replacement Process

The full Chicago window replacement service entails taking the old window out, hauling it away, and replacing the window, complete with trimming services and a paint job. Here’s how the process works:

1. Measuring the openings
This first stage is the most critical stage in the process. First, the installation type (insert or “pocket” window vs. full replacement) must be determined. Once determined, the correct measurements must be taken and it is critical to get this right as even a quarter-inch will make all the difference. Even the slightest mistake here can lead to a poor installation down the line.

At HX Home Solutions, we have experienced salesmen, women, and installers that will ensure that measurements are taken and installation is completed to the highest standards of precision to ensure the best possible results. Some of those details are covered below.

2. Removing the old window
While removing windows, there are best practices that all installers will always follow. Drop cloths are placed on the all working areas to help ensure that the debris and dirt will be managed and that the house will be kept clean and a vacuum is always used after. Any rotten wood in the window frame must be replaced.

3. Replacing the window
Once your old windows have been removed, we’ll start the installation of new ones. Everything will be set in place, leveled, and then nailed securely into place. The proper non-expanding foam insulation will be used in most cases.

4. Installing the trimmings
The trimmings will make sure that your window is sealed properly so you are protected from the weather outside. This is done by both trimming on the inside and cladding the outside. HX takes the extra step of offering painters to paint and stain the windows and doors to the exact color of your choosing in the warehouse and to come back and touch up trim post-install for a seamless and complete turnkey finish.

5. Cleaning up
At this stage, we usually do final testing on the windows to make sure that they are securely in place. This is also when drop cloths are removed and the brooms are taken out to get rid of debris that may have resulted from the work done.

Tips for Choosing the Materials For Your Windows

When it comes to choosing the material for your new windows, you would typically be given three options: vinyl, fiberglass, or wood. If you’re working on a budget, vinyl may be your best option for material. However, if you’re looking for a more sturdy option, fiberglass will be sure to last longer. And of course, the elegance and beauty of wood is unmatched.

Choose HX Home Solutions for Your Window Replacement Needs

Work with us for better and faster results, complete with the best materials and unparalleled professional results. With our expertise and your direction, we can successfully remove your old windows and upgrade them into new and better ones.

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