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Chances are you have seen beautiful stone displays, whether it be in a home or business, whether it be on the exterior or interior (fireplace, kitchen hood, cellar, etc.). If you have a hard time telling veneer stone apart from traditional natural design – well, that’s the whole idea.

We manufacture our own custom-shaped and colored stone veneer. This stone veneer is made in whatever shape and color your like and is ideal for all areas – both inside and outside your home or building. Our products are perfect for exterior surface, fireplace surrounds, and to create all types of interior touches.

If you have been looking for a particular stone but don’t know where to find it, look no further, we are the light at the end of the tunnel!

A Closer Look at Stone Veneer

You may be wondering why stone veneer – or cultured stone – is a good choice for you. Some of the advantages offered by stone veneer include:

  • Versatility: Stone veneer can be used on virtually any surface, including sheetrock, cement, metal, wood, and brick.
  • Weight: It is lighter than other masonry building materials, especially natural stone.
  • Price: It looks just as good as natural stone but at a much better price point!
  • Durability: Stone veneer is much lower maintenance and durable than other siding or interior finish choices.
  • Beauty: Stone elements add a classic beauty and elegance to your home or business.
  • Value: When installed properly by professionals, it adds value to your home.
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YOUR Stone, YOUR Way!

We have no competition in the stone veneer space. We have no SKUs or inventory, we make all of our stone in-house, which means you can get the custom specifications that you want and need without having to work with a third-party provider. And if you are in the Chicagoland area, we install the stone ourselves as well. One stop shopping!

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You Take Pride in Your Home

And we take pride in our work: check out our recent projects!

Our Process for Installing Custom Stone Veneer

When you choose us for your stone veneer, you will discover we take a personal approach to every customer we serve. While each job is unique, we use a similar three-step process to help ensure everything goes smoothly and that the results achieved exceed your expectations.

Our process involves the following steps:

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Initial Discussion

The first step is to discuss project needs and requirements, aesthetic choices, and pricing upfront. If everything sounds good, we finalize all project choices whether you require just the flat stones, or corner stones, a mantle, hearth stones, trim stones, key stones, and more.


In-House Manufacturing

Once you have selected the custom look you want for your stone veneer, our team will manufacture your stone in our own factory.



Once your custom manufactured stone veneer is ready, will either come to your home or property and provide professional installation (Chicagoland) or ship the stone directly to you.


Final Walk-Through

If you do proceed with a Chicagoland area installation, we will walk through the area to ensure you are fully satisfied with the results achieved.

As you can see, our team takes pride in making sure that you get what you want – and what you pay for. We are dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

Stone veneer can transform the look of any home. Regardless of if you want to create a beautiful fireplace setting or if you want to update the exterior of your home, we have the product and solutions you are searching for. Contact us today to get started.