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Searching for a Chicago deck builder or “deck builders near me” in Chicagoland? There is something magical about grilling and spending the perfect evening in your backyard with your family and loved ones, or a nice quiet moment on a balcony. Installing decking material outside your home helps make that moment of peace or outdoor living a reality. Here you can spend time with family eand friends, enjoy a summer barbeque, or just relax after a hard day. However, before enjoying your new deck, you have to build it!

Today, you have several options when it comes to materials. Cedar and composite decking are two of the most popular materials out there due to their combination of durability and aesthetic appeal. Regardless of which option you choose, you can feel confident that the HX team will help design and build the industry’s highest quality deck solutions from start to finish.

Selecting the Right Material for Your Needs and Specifications

We can help you select the products that are best suited for your needs based on the size, location, details of your space that you are working with as well as your budget. Our team can discuss your plans for the deck and use it to create a size and style that suits these needs. Our goal is to provide each customer with a truly custom deck that exceeds expectations.

decking railing chicago
chicago decking railing

Cedar Decking

When it comes to tried and true decking options, cedar is the most commonly used product in the United States. This is because cedar is not overly expensive, has natural beauty, and doesn’t readily absorb moisture which means that it lies flat and straight for longer than most other wood.

Our suppliers select and supply the best cedar lumber for each deck we build and we take great pride in the results that that helps achieve. However, while cedar decks should last 15-20 years, these decks require maintenance every year or two in the form of sealing. Further, even with regular treatments, those looks tend to fade and your deck is barely recognizable 10 years in.

Historically, HX has installed more cedar decks than any other. When it comes to natural beauty at an economical price point, cedar is unparalleled in the decking industry. However, there is maintenance involved which adds to the lifetime cost of the deck, and the looks do fade.

If you don’t mind the ongoing maintenance required by cedar, and if you are hesitant to try composite decking, then cedar is an excellent choice for you.

Composite Decking Products

As deck builders, we truly believe there’s no question that cedar decking is a great option, but if you want to avoid ongoing maintenance, or choose a deck that will last a minimum of 25 to 30 years, then you may be searching for something else. In this situation, composite decking is a great option.

In the early 1990s, composite decking was still new and something not many people were offering. The earliest composite decks were great for their time, they are nothing like the options you have today.

If you search for a low maintenance decking material, you can’t go wrong with composite materials. With wet springs, cold, snowy winters, and hot and humid summers, you will find that composite can stand up to any conditions and come out looking great in the end.

While our team of expert Chicago deck builders still believe nothing will replicate the look and appeal of real “wood,” if you are concerned about adverse weather conditions or ongoing maintenance needs, then composite is a great option. The composite options we offer our customers include MoistureShield, TimberTech, and Trex.

While we would recommend and will readily install all three manufacturers above, we will point out that MoistureShield offers something that TimberTech and Trex do not: CoolDeck® Technology.

MoistureShield’s CoolDeck® Technology will help reduce heat absorption by 35% and they offer the only composite boards in the industry which can be installed on the ground, in the ground, or underwater. These boards have not had structural field failures in 30+ years! They also have a DiamondDefense™ Coating which creates the strongest composite cap in the industry to resist damage from scratches, stains and fading.

Deck And Rail Solutions

What type of railing solution will best suit your new deck? If you aren’t sure, our team can help you find the perfect option that complements your new deck and your home. You won’t be disappointed with the finishing touches offered by the deck railing solutions we offer. Whether you are looking for traditional wood posts, traditional posts made of composite materials, or a more modern steel cable railing, we are here to help.

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What to Expect from Our Deck Solutions and Services?

If you have been dreaming of installing the perfect outdoor deck, wait no more. Our team is here to help ensure you get the quality solutions you want and need and that you can afford the work that is done.

When you hire us for deck design and installation for your outdoor area, you will find that we follow a specific process to ensure you get the quality results desired. This process includes:

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Visit and Initial Consultation

Our team will visit your property, discuss your deck needs, and take measurements for your custom deck.


Material Ordering

Once you have decided on the type of deck you want to be installed, we will order the necessary materials to ensure they fit your project’s custom needs.



During the deck installation process, our team will work professionally from beginning to end to minimize any disturbances in your day-to-day life.


Final Inspection

Once we are done, our team walks through the project to ensure you are completely satisfied with your new deck.

When it comes to installing a new deck, there are a lot of factors to consider. If you are ready to get started, contact us. Our team can help ensure you get the deck of your dreams and that it exceeds your expectations in every way. Contact us today to get started. We are ready to help you, regardless of the scope of your project.