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Ask These Questions Before Hiring a Chicagoland Siding Contractor

Getting new siding is an exterior upgrade that can not only result in a better-looking home, but a dry home for years to come and a higher home valuation as well, and the right Chicagoland siding contractor can help you get the results you want. What many people struggle with, however, is choosing the right contractor and asking the right questions beforehand.

In some cases, asking the right questions before hiring your Chicagoland siding contractor can save you thousands if not tens of thousands in project costs if you had to redo the job (we have seen it happen before). In other situations, it can mean the difference between your job having a firm deadline and stretching on for weeks. To help you get it all figured out, here are the top questions that you want to ask your siding contractor.

Top Questions For Your Potential Chicagoland Siding Contractor

This list is far from exhaustive, but it can provide a great idea of the most important things you should know from your contractor within the first few communications between them.

How Much Experience Do You Have?

One of the most important questions of all is how long your potential contractor has been doing this kind of work. While there is nothing wrong with working with a contractor who is newer before you let someone work on the most important protective element of your home you want to make sure they know what they’re doing.

Are You Licensed?

While it may seem like somewhat of a silly question to ask, the number of people operating an unlicensed business is staggering. Unlicensed businesses are not legitimate, and they should be avoided at all costs. Your potential contractor should be able to show you a copy of their business license upon request. This license indicates that the business is registered with the state and permitted to operate.

Are You Insured?

This one goes hand-in-hand with having a license. Having not only liability insurance but also workers’ compensation insurance is vital for making sure that you don’t assume any legal liability if something were to go wrong during the job, or if someone were to be injured as a result.

Do You Install James Hardie Siding?

If you plan to use one of the leading brands of siding for a repair or replacement, James Hardie siding, you should make sure the contractors are experienced with this particular product line. This is crucial since having the siding installed by someone that isn’t experienced will almost assuredly result in an improper install, and as a result, void the warranty and lead to property damage in the event that the installation was done incorrectly.

Do You Hire Employees Or Use Subcontractors?

The industry is slowly shifting towards subcontractors over employees. As a result, the negative stigma of using subcontractors over employees is lessening. Nevertheless, companies cut corners by farming work out to sub-contractors that they do not know and/or for whose work they can not vouch for, and this can mean a drop in the quality of the project that is being worked on. If your potential siding contractor uses employees and they have been with the company for a long time, then great. But if they haven’t and are using a subcontractor that has been with the company for a long time and they have done many jobs together, that should prove acceptable as well.

Do You Have References Or A Portfolio?

One of the best ways to get solid, reputable feedback about a contractor’s performance is to speak with previous customers. Most contractors will have a list of references consisting of customers that they have pleased previously. Speak to some of these people about their experiences. But don’t let the contractor cherry-pick their best jobs over many years. Ask to speak with customers over the past couple of months.

Who Will Handle The Hauling & Disposal?

This is something that homeowners sometimes forget about, and many companies will use that to their advantage. Be sure you know who is responsible for the hauling and disposal of the old siding materials. It should be specified in the contract, but if your contractor won’t remove and haul the trash following their visit, find a new contractor.

Work With A Trusted Local Expert

If you think it’s time to talk to a Chicagoland siding contractor about your home’s needs, reach out and a member of our trusted local team to discuss your project details.

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