Why Marvin Doors are an Excellent Choice for Chicagoland Homeowners

Marvin Doors

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Entry doors can make a massive difference in your quality of life and the everyday enjoyment of your home, and if you live in the Chicago area, the highest-quality and most protective wood doors you can install are Marvin doors. Not only do they provide a unique and highly customizable appearance that you can tailor to your home’s architecture and aesthetic, but they are professionally crafted from the most robust materials available. We’re going to take a look at all of the reasons that Marvin makes doors that are ideal for homeowners in Chicago and surrounding areas.

Benefits Of Marvin Doors

The beauty, engineering, and innovation offered by Marvin make them one of the leading door manufacturers for Chicago homes. Whether you’re considering remodeling your entryways or thinking about renovating your interior spaces, there are Marvin door options that can fill your needs.

Color Cladding & Wood Options

When you build your door solution from Marvin, you’ll be able to pick from a palette of 19 different color options. These range from rich, bold colors, to relaxed, earthy neutrals, and even 3 distinct pearlescent options. If you need something more specialized, you can also provide a color sample to be expertly matched, so you can be sure your door matches your design project.

If your project requires a wood finish, there are also several options available. Each is a high-quality exterior-rated wood, such as pine, mahogany, and even a vertical-grain douglas fir. All wood options are tested and preserved to keep the elements out, and the beauty in.

Construction Materials

No matter what type or style of door you need you’ll be able to pick from a wide variety of materials, all of which are created and rated to withstand the most brutal Chicago winters as well as the searing heat of the summer, along with everything in between.


A variety of wood materials are available to match the character of your installation and to provide the warmth you want in your home. The versatility of wood lends itself to any potential project.


It is said that aluminum-clad doors are the best, but make no mistake, not all aluminum claddings are created equal. Marvin’s extruded aluminum cladding is as thick as a quarter and very robust. Extruded Aluminum is available in the Ultimate, Modern, and Coastline door lines. Aluminum provides robust durability combined with a minimal maintenance requirement and maximum energy efficiency.


For doors in the Modern, Elevate, and Essential lines there is also the potential to choose a fiberglass cladding. Ultrex fiberglass not only provides a top-tier thermal insulation barrier, but also an incredibly long lifespan and strength that rivals steel

Security & Automation

One benefit crucial to Chicago homeowners is the security offered by the Marvin door lines, as well as the potential to integrate cutting-edge home automation features. Some of the functionality and benefits offered by the automation customizations include:

  • Concealed design that preserves the beauty of your doors
  • All doors that are ordered with the Lock Status Sensor will have all work already done, eliminating the need for any installation or hassle on the homeowner’s part
  • Seamless integration into an existing security system, or used with a new system built after purchase
  • Wired or wireless operation
  • An open system that doesn’t require you to use any one suite over another, giving you unbeatable flexibility
  • Freedom to change your security system as you see fit
  • Compatible with all major security services and providers, third-party security automation HUB, Honeywell, and DSC

Let Trusted Chicago Contractors Install Your Marvin Doors

One of the most attractive improvements you can make to your home is to upgrade your doors. If you have been considering entry or interior door upgrades, there is no better choice for Chicago homeowners than Marvin. For a free estimate on your Marvin doors, contact the local experts today.