When It’s Time For Chicago Home Siding Replacement

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Your home’s siding is one of the most important features – both aesthetically and functionally -on the facade of your home. Not only is it in charge of defending your home against the cold, the heat, rain, and the harsh wind, snow, sun, etc., but it should look good as well! As tough as these exterior features may be, they will eventually need to be replaced. But how exactly will you know when your siding may need to be changed? We discuss the signs and what your next steps can be if you determine that it is indeed time for them to be replaced.

Signs That You Need a Chicago Home Siding Replacement

Typically, exterior siding systems can protect your home for decades, especially when you have been diligent in their maintenance. However, even the best siding such as Hardie Siding will eventually need to be replaced and given an upgrade. Here are the top 5 signs that will tell you it’s time to retire your old siding and give your home a new look:

1. You notice rot in your panels and boards

Siding is meant to defend your home against the harsh elements. However, if you notice damages in the form of damaged panels, they may no longer be able to perform their ultimate role of keeping you safe.

Once you notice rot and damage, be sure to call in the professionals to assess the situation right away. If you’re lucky, we may still be able to help repair the damaged area and keep it from spreading across the panels. However, if the problem has taken root, then a complete Chicago home siding replacement may be in order.

2. You notice cracks, gaps, and peeling

Your siding is installed to protect the facade of your home against harsh sunlight, wind, and frost. However, no matter how faithfully it has fulfilled its job through the years, signs of wear and tear will eventually make itself known in the form of cracks, gaps, and peeling. These are not just mere eyesores but are likely the manifestation of a bigger structural issue that you should take as a sign to have your siding replaced.

3. Your electricity bills have started to shoot up

A subtle but unfortunate indication of a poor performing siding is the unexplained increase in your electricity bills. You see, more often than not, if your siding has some structural damages to it, it will not be able to insulate your home as efficiently as it once did. This results in high heating and cooling costs for you.

4. You notice mold in your home

There may be a lot of possible reasons for mold and mildew in your home, and a damaged siding is one of them. As it can no longer keep precipitation and froth from entering your home, water damage eventually creeps in and result in mold. So if you’ve noticed unexplained fungal growth in your house, be sure to inspect the exterior features of your home as well.

Chicago Home Siding Replacement with HX Home Solutions

Once you’ve determined that your Chicago home siding needs to be replaced, give us a call to install new ones that can protect your home for decades to come. We offer James Hardie fiber cement, our own custom shaped and colored stone veneer, vinyl, steel, amongst others as options that do not need regular and diligent maintenance.