Tips Before Hiring A James Hardie Siding Contractor

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Homeowners considering having James Hardie siding installed have already made a decision to have some of the most effective, durable, and beautiful siding installed, but there are still some things to think about when hiring a James Hardie siding contractor. Some of these tips may feel like general knowledge, while others can help ensure you get a top-quality siding experience from your contractor of choice.

Top Tips For Hiring A James Hardie Siding Contractor

Be sure they can come out for a free estimate, that has no obligation to buy anything following the quote. While they are at your home, you will have a chance to ask them a variety of questions regarding your siding project. This is a crucial opportunity to get more information about working with them to complete your job.

Experience & Knowledge

It’s important to know that your siding contractor has been installing siding in a knowledgeable and effective way for an extended period of time. There are countless differences between amateur and professional siding installations. Poorly installed siding, even when done by a professional, can lead to significant water penetration and property damage. While James Hardie is one of the best siding solutions available once installed properly, it is not the easiest siding material to install. Make sure that your contractor is recognized by James Hardie as doing good work so you can ensure that you will receive a warranty valid install.

Get Several Estimates

Just like with major vehicle repairs, it’s always smart to get several estimates before committing to one. Not only is it likely that their estimates will vary considerably from one contractor to another in price, but in scope as well. Make sure you find someone that gets you and the aesthetic you are going for. You may also notice other differences that can affect your decision like the professionalism of the sales professional, the expertise and design skills of the company as a whole, and their ability to show up on time and when they say that they will.

Get Referrals

The most powerful way to get the details on the best James Hardie contractor near you is to speak with people you know, like friends and family members. There is no better way to get solid information on a siding contractor than by word of mouth. If you have had family members, friends, or even co-workers get siding work done locally, there is a good chance you’ll see some names in common.

Double-Check Licenses & Insurance

This may seem like common sense to so many people, but it may come as a shock how many unscrupulous people will pretend to be a licensed and insured business just to get your money. Not only should your potential contractor have a valid business license for Illinois, but they should be able to show valid proof of liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

Learn About Your Contractor Options

Make sure that your potential contractors have a good reputation online and locally. Ask about the organization with a local Chamber of Commerce, Consumer Affairs, or even the Better Business Bureau. Look at both the positives and the negatives, as well as how they’ve responded to the negative items.

Look Into Affiliations & Associations

One way to make sure that your contractor is a solid choice for your siding installation is to check for association with professional credentialing organizations, such as the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. This is one of the important things to look into that can affect your warranty coverage, since having someone without the proper qualifications or professional affiliations install your siding can void the warranty, and can even lead to property damage.

Work With A Trusted Local James Hardie Installer

If you have any additional questions about what makes a siding installer a good choice, or if you just need to schedule an estimate for your project, reach out today and speak with an expert member of our siding family.