Signs You Need a Chicagoland Basement Remodel

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It’s no secret that Chicago and the surrounding areas get some intense weather on occasion, and after some of that weather, many homeowners may be left wondering if it’s time for a Chicagoland basement remodel. Disasters can be prime opportunities to have the long-awaited remodeling done to your home. A significant number of homeowners may just be tired of their basements just being a catch-all for their life. Here are some ways that you can tell that it might be time to remodel your basement.

Signs You Might Need A Chicagoland Basement Remodel

This list certainly won’t have all the potential reasons on it, but it will have many of the reasons commonly cited by homeowners as being an impetus to their remodeling efforts, and many homeowners can empathize with these reasons easily.

You’re Running Out Of Space

Whether it’s storage space or living space, one of the biggest reasons that people choose to get their basements remodeled is to gain a more comfortable use of the space. This is generally done when upstairs living areas and storage areas have been exhausted, or when a family expands and simply needs to make the home more livable. Expanding into the basement can sometimes turn a home into nearly two.

Your Basement Isn’t Currently Usable

In a large number of homes in the Chicago area, there is a basement that may have been used for storage at one time, but it has fallen out of use and has simply deteriorated. Remodeling the basement can make the space more livable, attractive, and safer. In some cases, the basement is just a big cement box that isn’t used for anything, because who wants to sit in an uncomfortable cement box, right? A remodel can turn that void space into an area where you can be comfortable, and a space that you can use with comfort and reliability.

You Need Space To Entertain

Sometimes we want to simply have more space so that we can have more fun (or send the kids to so you can have some peace and quiet). Having parties is great, but it’s even better when people aren’t tripping over each other because the only two options for hanging out are the living room and the kitchen. Open up some space for your guests by remodeling your basement. You can make any number of upgrades you want, such as adding additional cooking, dining, or entertainment space. If you have the space, you can even plan to have a game room, where people can socialize while playing games like billiards or video games.

The Basement Is A Blast From The Past

If your home is older, you might just have a time capsule basement. Sure, there can be standard offenses like tacky paneling, and carpeting with water damage, but there may also be other components that are hazardous to your health. Substances like asbestos and lead are commonly found in basement remodels, and in situations where these components are present, removing them is essential to your family’s health. In some situations, depending on the type of contaminant found, you may not even be able to reside in your home again until it has been remediated.

Get The Ball Rolling On Your Chicagoland Basement Remodel

If you have been thinking about getting more use out of the space you already have, one of the most effective things you can do is remodel your basement to make it a more functional portion of your home. If you would like more information on the remodeling process or would like to get an estimate on your remodeling project, reach out today and speak with one of our trusted roofing professionals.