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Whenever we think of stone siding, some of us are transported to a line of old cottages with real stone as their siding. They’re cozy, timeless, and a whole vibe by themselves — the stuff of one of our more pleasant dreams. But as most of us do not have a home in the European countryside, is living in a house with these lovely stone exterior really as far away as one may think? Well, thanks to manufactured stone veneer siding, this quaint aesthetic may be just within your reach.

Real Stone vs. Manufactured Stone

As opposed to manufactured stone, real stone comes directly from the earth. Real stone comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They’re nice to look at, sure, but they can be a nightmare to install and even more difficult to repair and replace once a portion gets damaged or chipped off. You may not be able to get replacement stone in the correct size, shape, or color (even from the same quarry!). Once the stone is gone, you can’t get more. On the other hand, manufactured stone can provide the same aesthetic, minus all the issues that come with using real stones for siding. Perhaps most importantly, you can manufacture the same stone as before, no problem.

Full Stone vs. Stone Veneer

What’s the difference between a full stone vs. stone veneer? Full stone is typically on the order of 4” thick and stone veneer is typically less than 2”. Why is this important? For starters, full stone is heavy enough that it requires foundation to hold the weight of the stone. That can significantly raise the cost of a remodeling project. This is one of the many reasons that stone veneer is such a popular option. Because stone veneer is typically never than 2” thick, that means stone veneer is lighter. In fact, it is light enough that your walls can hold the weight of the stone. That means no foundation is required, which means the project just became cheaper!

Installing Stone Veneer

While stone veneer installation may be a lot easier to install than full stone — whether as siding, fireplaces, over a kitchen hood, or other accents for your home — they still require knowledge of masonry techniques and artistry for stone placement. It’s not just a matter of piecing these stones together to form a facade. Rather, there are right and (very) wrong ways to install. Our masons at HX have honed their craft over decades and we are very proud to say we have amongst the best masons in all of Chicagoland.

The North Star Stone Difference! YOUR stone, YOUR color, YOUR way!

Here at North Star Stone, we custom shape and color stone to your exact preferences! We have received countless calls over the years from all over the country asking if we are able to manufacture a particular stone and/or ship it to their homes? We can make any stone for you, in any shape, in any color, so the answer is yes and yes!

The Durability of Manufactured Stone Siding

If you remain unimpressed by these innovative stone veneers, here’s one more important detail about them: they can last up to 30 to 40 years! With the right team of professionals to install these for you, you can enjoy this siding option with zero to little maintenance. Ask us how we can make your dream of a stone-lined facade a reality — give HX Home Solutions a call today.