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The Aspyre Collection by James Hardie combines the durability you have come to expect from James Hardie with high-end design.

Chicagoland homeowners who want best-in-class for their home will appreciate the uncompromising performance, design flexibility, and artistry offered by the Aspyre collection. When you contact us and choose Aspyre for your home, you can feel confident it will stand out – even among the most beautiful homes in the Chicago area.

One of the main reasons our team loves James Hardie is because of the commitment they have made (more than $100 million in R&D!) to elevate the art of manufacturing siding to offer superior beauty and long-lasting performance. The Aspyre collection, in many ways, is the culmination of many of those efforts. If you want the best of the best, this is it.

Why Is James Hardie Aspyre Siding the Best?

Are you interested in getting the best of the best for siding? If so, the Aspyre Collection will exceed your expectations. There are a few reasons that this siding stands out as the best in the industry. These include:

  • Architectural design versatility with multiple design profiles
  • Aspyre offers the ability to get a seamless look
  • Thicker material, leading to superior performance and durability
  • Ideal for use with renovations or new builds
  • Easy maintenance to save time and money

What Is Offered in the James Hardie Aspyre Collection?

You will find several products offered in the James Hardie Aspyre Collection. All these are designed to highlight and enhance your home, showing off all the best features present.

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The Reveal Panel System

These panels are customizable and can be installed horizontally or vertically. When installed by our team of professionals, you can feel confident you will achieve a precise, highly customized, distinctive look.


Shiplap is designed to mimic the wood siding founds on barns and similar structures. It helps to create a distinctive line that enhances and highlights every board. It provides a clean design aesthetic and a rustic appeal. If you’re a Chip and Joanna fan, this may be the look for you!

Beaded Lap

This is a type of horizontal siding that, when appropriately installed, helps to create a tailored and strongly defined look. It is very similar to the style used in coastal homes.

Bevel Channel

If you want a more chiseled appearance with deep, pronounced channels, this is an option to choose. It offers a luxurious appearance that is unmatched by other options.

Square Channel

These provide the widest channels between each board. It is an attractive option for more upscale homes, along with traditional structures.

Artisan V-Groove

With this product, you have something that creates a distinctive shadow line. If you love the look of wood siding, you will love this option. Even better, it does not have the tedious and complicated maintenance that wood does.

Artisan Lap

This is the traditional look. The thickness of each plank most closely resembles the look of cedar siding of yesteryear.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

If you want to install top-of-the-line siding on your home or property, we offer James Hardie’s Aspyre Collection. These siding options will exceed your expectations, especially when you hire our team to install it. Call us today to get started.

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Our 4 Step Installation Process for the Aspyre Collection by James Hardie

Keep in mind, to achieve the superior results that the James Hardie Aspyre Collection promises, it must be installed properly. Our team has decades of experience working with James Hardie products to ensure you get the results desired. When you contact our team of professionals, you can feel confident because of our decades of experience.

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On-Site Consultation

We always begin with an initial, on-site consultation to discuss your goals and take measurements. We also recommend visiting our design center to see all of the remodeling options available to you and put together a look customized specifically for you.


Design Sessions

To get the exact look you need, we can create custom renders to show exactly what your home will look like.



On the first day of the job we always walkthrough everything that is to be done and stop by as often as possible. You are routinely set up with updated images of your installation, so you have records of everything that was completed.


Clean up and inspection process

We take pride in jobsite cleanliness. Once the job is complete, our team will conduct a final walk through to ensure you are fully satisfied with your results.