The In & Outs of Chicago Roofing

chicago roofing

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Out of all the repairs and upgrades that you can do for your home, roofing is one of the most important because it protects your home. Although this may not be as exciting as getting new windows or having the facade of your house repainted, you’ll appreciate this investment because it will keep your home looking new and, more importantly, dry. From improving the look of your home to ensuring your safety, allow us to walk you through the ins and outs of Chicago roofing.

The Process Involved in a Chicago Roofing

Getting your roof replaced is not a project that you should be delayed. When it starts to leak or get warped, it’s time to brush up on your understanding of how the roofing process works. Of course, here at HX Home Solutions, we have specialized roofing software to manage the process, and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the project, but to give you an idea, here’s how our process usually works:

1. Tear off the old roofing

This is a simple test to separate a thorough contractor from a dishonest one. At HX Home Solutions, we place value in a job well done and always tear off an old roof first instead of simply layering on a new one. Sure, layering will save time and therefore money, but ultimately it will cost you more. The new shingles will have a shorter life span, will be more prone to leaks, potentially not be warrantied by the manufacturer, and perhaps most importantly, you will not be able to inspect the quality of your roof decking! To make sure that everything is done well, we always remove the old roof and rebuild from there.

2. Assess the sheathing

Once the old roof has been torn off, we’ll take a look at the current decking. These are the panels that support the base of your roof and are one of the layers that will hold up the integrity of your roof and ensure your safety. If we notice any problem spots such rot, then we will require that they be replaced in order to offer a warranty.

3. Install Ice & Water Shield, underlayment, and drip edge

Unlike other areas around the country where it may not be necessary, code in Chicago requires installation of Ice and Water Shield because of the weather in the area. This barrier should prevent issues caused by ice damming and water from backing back into the home. Here at HX Home Solutions, we automatically go up to 2 layers of Ice and Water Shield to help prevent any issues with Ice Damming.

In addition to Ice & Water Shield, we will always use the manufacturers recommended underlayment as well as drip edge around the home.

4. Shingle Installation

Once all the underlying layers have been installed, we’ll move on to applying the roof shingles. As a professional Chicago roofing contractor, you can trust that we will make sure that everything is nailed into place per manufacturer specifications. Even the slightest mistake of an incorrect nail placement on the shingle can make your home susceptible to leaking, so we will take extra care in making sure that everything is done correctly.

5. Clean up

Last but certainly not least: clean up! From tearing off and installing roofing to hauling debris away, we’ll make sure that your roof not only holds up but looks great too.

Call us for your Chicago Roofing needs

The effects of a subpar job can range from you constantly worrying over your safety to rendering your insurance void when the worst happens and your roof caves in. Trust the professionals here at HX Home Solutions to respond to all of your Chicago roofing needs. We utilize the best materials, with the best warranties, and have teams of roofers that can work to make your exterior home renovation project a success.