Chicagoland Exterior Remodel Cost, Budgeting & Planning

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Improving the curb appeal of your home is an investment, but a lot of homeowners shy away from a facade makeover because of the exterior remodel cost. But we’ll let you in on a secret: when done right, the benefits of an exterior renovation far outweigh the costs.

Upgrading your windows and doors, for example, will help with the insulation and lower the costs of cooling and heating. A well-maintained roof can save you a lot of trouble in the long run as well. And if the improved efficiency of your home isn’t enough, you have the added benefit of a home that you can pass down as a legacy or sell for a higher value too.

The Average Exterior Remodel Cost

We have to admit, looking for inspiration and saving ideas on Pinterest and home magazines is one of the most exciting parts of the renovation process (aside from enjoying the finished work, of course). But when the contractor gives you an estimate of around $15,000 minimum, it all becomes too real.

But don’t let the number deter you from your goal — the value that exterior remodeling gives you will pay for itself in the long run. And of course, not everything averages to 15 grand. The exterior remodel cost that you pay will still depend on what you need to be done and the size of your house.

Exterior Remodel Cost For Each Job

If you only have the budget to have work done on one part of your home at a time, here are some examples of how much the average exterior remodel cost per project:

Roof replacement

At an average of about $8,710 for a new roof, a homeowner may choose to forego a roofing project. Your hesitation is understandable, of course. However, a roof protects your home and keeps everyone inside it safe. So just think about this: the costs of maintenance and upkeep will eventually pile up. All the time, effort, and cost of fixing a leaking or sagging roof will eventually amount to a lot in the long run.

Windows replacement

Window replacements usually start at about $600 to $700 (vinyl windows) to replace per window. Seems to amount to a lot for exterior remodel cost, sure, but these are prominent fixtures in your home. Problems that broken or worn windows bring will eventually snowball into bigger issues such as warping. Not to mention, new windows will give your house the aesthetic upgrade that it might need.

Painting the facade of your home

New paint can give your home a more noticeable upgrade and new look. Depending on how big your home is, the exterior remodel cost of this can start from $1000-2000 (trim only). Some may choose to DIY this, but nothing beats working with the professionals and getting the right recommendations for the colors that work best with the materials of your house, among other considerations.

Planning and Budgeting with HX Home Solutions

Don’t let the exterior remodel cost keep you from upgrading your home that is safe and has curb appeal. HX Home Solutions will work with you in ensuring that you will get your money’s worth — from providing the best team to do the job and overseeing the quality of work all throughout. We also provide financing with flexible payment terms to help you achieve the safety and aesthetics of the house that you’ve always wanted.

Ask us how we can help you achieve the best possible outcome for the exterior of your home, and we’ll help you plan and budget your resources.