Chicago Door Replacement & Upgrade Options

chicago door replacement

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Is this the year that you give your home a revamp by replacing your old door?

If so, a Chicago door replacement project requires careful planning and a reliable and honest team to make your vision happen — and this is what we’re here for.

A door keeps you safe and secure from the outdoors. But more than providing your privacy and protection, they are considered as a statement too. So if you’re wondering what your options are when it comes to upgrading your old one, we’ve listed down the three main materials that you can choose from.

Chicago Door Replacement: Material Choices

We’ll leave the design and color up to you (with input from our team if you need it, of course), but when it comes to choosing the main materials for your new door, we recommend three options:

1. Wood

Wood is elegant and can make a bold statement if you have the budget. However, they can be quite costly, require maintenance, and may not be the best choice in standing up to the harsh Chicagoland climate.


  • They’re an elegant choice.
  • Wood can be shaped and styled according to your preferences.


  • Most expensive of the three material choices
  • Requires maintenance or will warp over time in Chicagoland climate
  • Not much warranty support

2. Steel

Steel doors may not be the most popular option, but they certainly win in keeping your home safe at a fair price. Steel doors are layered with insulated foam and are secured with 20 or 24 gauge steel panels on both sides.


  • They are very strong and secure.
  • Steel doors are the most affordable option.
  • Warranty coverage is good for good manufacturers


  • Steel doors will not convincingly pass for woodgrain doors.
  • Dents on doors can be very hard to fix. While manufacturers offer additional plates to prevent dents in typically dented areas near the bottom of the door, it can be a concern.

3. Fiberglass

If you want the elegance, variety, maintenance-free, and insulating capabilities of wood, and the durability of steel, fiberglass may be the best option for you – as it is for most homeowners. They can be stained to realistically mimic wood grains. They’re sturdy too and, unlike steel doors, aren’t as susceptible to nicks and dent. These may be insulated with foam to give you an added layer of protection from the outdoors. If you’re looking for a good Chicago door replacement, this is the door material that we highly recommend – especially Provia doors in Chicago.




  • They’re elegant and can be customized into a variety of colors and designs.
  • They’re sturdy and can resist nicks and dents. Warranty support is typically great.
  • Fiberglass doors last longer than any of your other options


  • While not as costly as wood, they are more expensive than wood doors

Chicago Door Replacement with HX Home Solutions

Doors give you privacy, keep you safe and at ease in your own home, keep the elements outdoors, and are a statement of your aesthetic tastes as a homeowner. They are one of the things that visitors and passersby will see when they look at your house. As such, getting a Chicago door replacement is a task that you should only trust the professionals with.

Here at HX Home Solutions, we align ourselves with manufacturers who take pride in their products and have ownership in their output. We make sure that all of our materials are up to standards and prioritize our clients’ safety and needs. So, tell us what you envision your front door to look like, and we’ll make it happen. Contact us today.