Benefits of Combining Exterior Home Improvement Projects

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Your home is a reflection of who you are and the things that you value. Sure, there’s more to your home than just its facade, but it is the first thing that people see, and as the saying goes, “you only make a first impression once.” This is why it’s important to invest in exterior home improvement projects.

Exterior Home Improvement Projects That You Can Take On

There are no shortcuts to having a great home — you need to invest time, effort, and money in order to take pride in it and improve its appearance. If you’re not sure what you can do to improve the exterior of your home, here are just some of the major undertakings that HX Home Solutions can do for you:

1. New Roof

Your roof protects your home and ensures the safety of your family and belongings. If you notice that you’ve had to do regular maintenance because of leaks or missing shingles, then it’s time to consider a roof replacement.

2. New Windows and Doors

This may seem like an easy task, but replacing windows and doors requires quality products and a precise install. Even the smallest difference in measurement can have a major impact on the appearance and function of your doors and windows. Not only that, but they can give your home a major boost in appearance as well.

3. Upgraded Siding

An often overlooked but very important exterior home improvement project is upgrading your Chicago exterior siding. It is often one of the first in the facade of your home to rot, peel, fade, or warp. So, whether you’re planning to live in your house indefinitely or want to improve its marketability, upgrading the siding is one project that you shouldn’t overlook. At HX Home Solutions, we offer quality materials that are durable and can stand the test of time.

4. New Paint

In addition to the new roof, windows, and siding, one big upgrade that you can give your home is by repainting it. New paint can give your home the facelift that it needs. It may just be the added wow factor that increases the value and curb appeal of your home.

5. Stone Veneer

Stone veneer brings an elegant touch to the facade of your home. HX actually manufactures its own stone veneer custom shaped and colored to the customer’s exact specifications. Whether installing stone on a small accent or knee wall or the entire home, stone veneer can help bring a level of sophistication to your home.

Why You Should Combine Exterior Home Improvement Projects

You may want to approach exterior home improvements conservatively and simply work on the upgrades as needed. However, most contractors will tell you that it is more beneficial to work on these as one big project instead of tackling them separately. Here are the reasons why you should combine exterior home improvement work:

1. Things get done the right way

You’ll actually be able to get things done the right way. For example, if you are considering replacing your roof and siding, but only replace one and not the other, it would be difficult to properly replace your roof-to-wall or kick-out flashings which are critical for preventing water from entering the home. This can be worked around, but not in the best way. This is just one of many examples of the benefits of replacing multiple interacting systems at the same time.

2. You’ll save more money

Yes, getting work done on your facade requires a substantial investment and you may think that working on them slowly may be your best course of action. However, here at HX Home Solutions, we take the overall cost into account and can help you plan and budget accordingly. Not to mention, the price of material goes up every year. The same project this year will likely cost more the following year.

3. The result will be more noticeable

If the appeal of a big-time upgrade is what you are after, then doing all exterior home improvement projects in one go is best. This is because the changes that you’ve made will be lost if you work on them in intervals.

You’ll also be able to upgrade the efficiency of your house better this way. For example, your roofing may improve insulation and it will only be highlighted with upgraded windows and doors too. A new roof and broken windows will only give you a little bit of added comfort.

4. You might as well get it all done in one go

The stress of renovation — who wants to go through that multiple times in a year or 2 years? Even on the most efficiently run projects, construction fatigue can be real! By combining all of your exterior home improvement projects, you’ll be able to save yourself the headache of getting things done in increments.

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